Monday, November 25, 2013


Hey Mom!

I had so much going on in this last week- the good and the ugly. I actually kept a record of it too so I can remember a little bit of it!
It's been super crazy here. This is the very beginning of transfers week, and I just finished everything today that needs to be finished, but tomorrow's when the fun starts. Tomorrow I wake up at 4 and pick up a Romanian sister who's leaving to serve a mission in France, and we'll get her to the airport by 6:30. Then we have a staff meeting here at the office (happens every Tuesday) which will be cut early anyways because we have to take several missionaries from the EU to get their Visas (it is a separate process, at a separate office so it's got really random times.) Then we pick up the new missionaries from the airport. They get in at 1:05pm, and we have 3 that have health appointments at two. It's going to be sUch a rush getting those three there on time, but as soon as they're done with that we'll be heading over to the notary to get some documents signed. Man. I'll stop there, but we seriously have every second planned out of every day until Friday so we can't mess anything up too badly. On Thanksgiving we'll be standing in line at the visa office for most of the day. We were planning on having a big lunch with our district at the Bensfields house, some kind of potluck sort of deal. But I wasn't able to get the health appointments lined up on the same day which shifted the whole transfer schedule back a day (a huge source of stress for me in this last week.. haha) So if we finish that at a decent time we'll probably get some Thanksgiving leftovers somewhere and then help all the missionaries get settled into their new apartments. It'll be fun! Really I'm not to bummed about being busy. Even just on a couple leisure days last week I was starting to feel a tad homesick just cause I wasn't moving fast enough, right now I've got enough going on to keep me distracted ;)

The soccer game was AMazing! Greece won- they tied 1-1, but since Greece won their home game 3-1 they were the ones that qualified for the world cup. It was so intense. It was great to see Romania get so patriotic. All the sudden all these people that hated their own people and country and government the day before, bonded together over the mutual hatred of Greece. Unfortunately this just means that they were trying to help their team out. Meaning, throwing pretty impressive explosives at the goalie, setting off flares on the field and shining green lasers on the Greece teams faces whenever they stepped out to kick in the ball. But I had a lot of fun. I really got into it and it was really exciting. Romania actually played really well! They had possession on Greece's side for what seemed like the entire game. They were just unable to make a good shot, but they sure got a lot of soccer balls into the stands! Haha!

On Wednesday I had the chance to go on an exchange, which means I was finally able to drop office work for just a couple hours and do some contacting. We tried to find some people that kinda fell off the face of the earth a while back and talk to people on the street and we got beautifully lost. The thing about Buc is, it's a HUGE city. But it has like legit forests in the middle, abandoned dumps, and little villages and gypsy towns all throughout it that are just completely uncharted. So we went adventure contacting for a day.  It was so good to get out again.  ;)

Love you so much! I hope your week's great!

Love ya!

Elder Collison

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Mom and Dad! My week's been pretty good. I don't really remember what I did, I just remember being really stressed and tired.. haha- but I just made a word document I'm going to keep around as a journal while I'm in the office because I've been doing such a bad job at writing in my actual journal.. So maybe my emails will get a little more exciting when I can remember actual stories throughout the week!
Today we're going to play some soccer in a park at Izvor, I'm so excited for the exercise. I've been working out and running a lot with Elder Grosu, but I always feel like I have to do more to compensate for the time spent on my butt. 

I just came back from playing some soccer and it was SO sick. I'm really bad at it and I was playing with a bunch of people that actually knew what they were doing so it was kinda funny, but it was a good way to get some exercise and vent some energy.