Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week Number ONE!

My FAMILY!!!!! yes, it is finally p-day! of course I was one of the kids who had to wait for 8 days for it. I'll try to answer all your questions, if I don't you guys can just keep bugging me til I catch on ;)
sorry you guys all have the pukes again! that's no fun.. haha, guess that was a good time for me to leave then? maybe I'll be able to avoid it for the next two years ;) my companions and I grabbed a sack lunch the other day and the milk they gave me was spoiled! I had a bowl of golden grahams WITH a donut on top of it, so I definitely didn't taste anything wrong with it. I went to drink the rest of my milk after I finished my cereal and I almost spit it all out- worst taste in the world! I didn't puke by shear will power, but I had the WORST gas all day, I destroyed all my neighbors at that night's devotional.
The MTC!
I've only been here a week. longest week of my life! I think I like it, I haven't really had a lot of time to mope and consider all the things I'm missing out on. somehow I'm already down to 10 minutes so I'll make this fast. I was really hoping to upload some pictures but I can't figure it out, the computers here are really weird- with everything locked.
High point of my week; Probably Sunday. Before then I was kinda miserable and I was halfway wondering what I was even doing here. But we heard from a member of the 70 who gave a really moving address, then we watched a video only available in the MTC. it was a talk given by Elder Bednar last Christmas to the missionaries. He talked about overcoming the natural man and forgetting yourself on your mission. EXACTLY what i needed and i'm now in the process of trying to do just that ;)
just figured out the pictures and im now over my time limit.  in the mission field they just changed the time on computer to an hour a week because we're now allowed to email friends too. but for now im stuck with a half hour and that apparently is not enough.
I'll definitely tell you more next thursday! sorry i don't have much time.
Love you all so much, miss you all a lot.

love you! 

Elder Collison


  1. Well at least we know that he's feeling gasy :) What else could we possibly want to know? Thanks for giving us the update :)

  2. The kids have been praying for you every single night! Hope this finds you well. Take care!

    U. Jared

  3. Haha Collette, what else IS there? ;)
    Jared, thank you for the prayers of your family. :)