Monday, October 28, 2013


On Thursday night the Hills took us out to dinner in honor of my companion who leaves Thursday. SUch good food. We ate at an Italian restaurant and I had some kind of seafood pasta dish- shelled oysters and crab and whole shrimp and calamari. Dang it was good, although I decided while eating clams that I'm not a huge fan of eating 14 bodily systems in a single bite.

I think we really are going to Mogosoaia (mow-go-show-ah-ee-ah) today! And I plan on sending some pictures this evening, although I can't promise anything.. But we're going to head up there and have a picnic and just mess around for a bit. I found out none of the buildings are unlocked on Mondays, but that also means no one's there to give you a hard time and we can just chill outside the palace for a while.

Man, for some reason I can not remember anything about last week! It was packed with just random stuff and none of it's coming back to me. My journal writing has died since I got to the office so now you can see the raw power of my memory alone ;)

Umm.. I saw three Lamborghini's last night! I was sitting on a bench next to bird man (huge statue out side of Parcul Herastrau in the center of a huge round about) waiting for the sisters, and two white, beautiful cars zip on past emitting the most lovely sound. And I jump up yelling in English, "Guys! hey, everybody look!" And then as soon as I sat down a yellow one raced past the other way going stupidly fast.

Hey, you asked for details! Haha

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