Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey Mom and Dad! Man those photos and videos are great. Gabey IS HUGE. and Isaac IS HUGE. Oh goodness, Gabriel is making actual human sounds out of his mouth! And Isaac looks so much like Caleb. I was just comparing the family photo I have on my desk and the pictures you sent me and you ALL look so old! Excluding you Mom and Dad, you guys are pretty much the same with a little less mass. haha
Oh yeah.. So let me tell you the story of this Christmas tree..
We were going to Ikea for lunch, right? By this point I had already been talking about stringing my desk with Christmas lights or doing a little something to bring the level of office cheer up a bit and get everybody excited for the Holidays. We got there and there were a ton of christmas trees sitting in the front looking all beautiful and they were so dang cheap! So we ate lunch all considering it, then we stopped in carrefour afterwards to try and find some CD labels for the christmas slideshow. They had Christmas trees there too (we thought they were cheaper at the time until we found out the stand was 90 RON extra) So we were looking around, and the guy selling them was like "they're all 80 RON, except for that huge one in the back!" We all kinda looked at each other then bought the giant one for 120 RON. We got back outside to our car and remembered we were driving an opel corsa which is roughly the size of my big toe. I guess you probably saw from the videos how we crammed it in there, I think those guys in the back are still coughing out pine needles.. I held the top of the tree tightly to the car cause we started hitting signs and stuff, I was sure my arm was going to come off driving through buc like that. haha
But having the tree in the office now and seeing sora bakers reaction made it totally worth it. We were pretty sure they we're going to be totally against it for being impractical, but they paid for most of it and helped us decorate it. We ended up having to cut off about 3 feet to make it fit, but it is now one dang good looking tree. 

Aside from that not a whole lot has happened this week, just the same old stuff. I finished all the invitation applications for the incoming missionaries and now I'm just waiting on passport scans and I can start running around to the various offices in Bucuresti trying to get them legal. A senior couple here just went home early, the sister fell and broke her wrist (this happens to be the one that we just moved into a new apartment 3 weeks ago) So we went over there, got them all packed up on Thursday, and then took them to the airport at 4am the next day. The rough part about that was that we went to bed at 1ish, trying to get things finished for zone conference on Friday, so I wasn't exactly a happy camper for the Christmas party ;) It was fun though. Both Elder Phelps and I forgot to buy ties for the tie exchange, and we told them to stall for just 30 minutes because we were going to run to A Fi to grab some ties. The deal was locked when the zone leader directing it said that we'd never make it there and back in under an hour. So of course we had to try it. So we ran there, picked out two very sexy ties at the first store we stopped at, and made it back in 31 minutes. I spent 35 lei on a tie and I received somebody's scrap found in a closet somewhere. I felt a little cheated.. ;) 
The rest of the conference was really great. I had the hardest time staying awake, but we had fun and everyone really enjoyed the slideshow. President Hill finally announced the name of the incoming Mission President. He's known for the last several months but hasn't been allowed to tell because the guy was waiting until Thanksgiving to tell his family. His name is Clark Ivory, really young guy with a young family. He's actually got a son coming with him that's probably Matthews age. He owns Ivory homes in Utah and it sounds like he has a huge name. 

P-day just flew by! We did office work until about 1300, then we just kinda chilled and walked around Centru Vechi with the district after having lunch at pizza hut. We were all kinda looking for things to buy so we wandered some of the marketplaces but we didn't really find anything. Then we grabbed some boba (it's a asian bubble tea kinda thing? Fruity milk with tapioca and stuff.  I don't know if it's made it big in the states yet but I'm a fan)

We ran into a bunch of Americans today! That was weird.. In pizza hut we met a guy from California who was visiting friends that he met while he was stationed here. Then we were walking downtown and I heard some American English from a group we had just passed. I whipped around and i was like "hold up, where're you guys from??" They were like "The US." So I specified and the first girl to respond said, "Michigan!" so of course I whipped my hand out of my glove and asked her to show me where and she asked if I had ever heard of a city named Jackson. "Of course I have!" Weirdest thing. Just a couple kids from the study abroad program, and we talked for a couple minutes, but being a missionary, people like to keep the conversation short.

I think that's my week right there..
Thank you so much for your email.
Hey, you should have the kids start coming up with questions and stories for our skype chat, I'll be doing the same on this end ;)

Love you so much! Have a good night

Elder Collison

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