Sunday, February 9, 2014


My Mama and Poppa!

It's been an exciting couple of days over here in Romania. We finally got the snow I've been praying for! And I'm already asking for a recall... It started Friday night and it's been dumping about a foot a day since, and it's drifting really bad. There are so many cars that you could just walk right into because the snow's piled up so high, covering everything. I'm seeing snow plows going by all the time, but the roads are so bad they have to leave about six inches on the road so they don't wreck their plows. So I spent pretty much all day yesterday shoveling and pushing cars out of the snow. I had to get on the roads a couple times too and I got really stuck several times driving on the unplowed back roads. I was with Elder B, Elder K, and the Sisters- leaving Sora G's house. We had gotten in there because we had some speed behind us, but even then we had to lift the car to park it (I'll send you the video) and getting out was a nightmare. We kept trying all the tricks in the book and nothing was working. We were stuck for an hour and I swear, I was pushing with all my might for almost that whole time, just trying to give it an extra horsepower or two ;) I woke up feeling like a broken man this morning. We finally got back to the office, where I then left in my car with my companions. We made it all the way home until we tried to park and the car just couldn't make it. We tried to back out and it went nowhere. So after a half hour of pushing we finally got it back out, we parked at the office again and just walked home. I was SO frozen. My clothes had frozen and melted so many times that I was just soaked to the core. But I curled up under my comforter and slept SO good.

Today I'm going to head out with Elders B and K with some shovels and we're going to find some people trying to dig their ways out of the snow.

More breaking news: I got my fur hat! The assistants came back from Moldova after buying it for me while on exchange. I was kinda skeptical because I wanted it to be perfect and they didn't really know what I wanted, but man- this thing is great! I'm already in love with it. Her name is Jasmine. It's fox fur with a black leather base, and aside from sexy- this thing is WARM! I'll send you some pictures as soon as I get my hands on the rest of the pics from my district.

Aside from this not a whole lot has gone on this week.. Just the same ol same ol!

Anyways, I love you guys so much! I'll try to get you those pictures later on, but I'm going to reply to my sibs right now ;)

Love ya!

Elder Collison

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