Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Howdy guys! 

Once again my whole life is thrown up like a bad burrito and I'm moving cities.  Yesterday was kinda the last hoorah as a district. That's definitely the hardest part about being a missionary- Making so many friends, Romanians and missionaries, that I get to know so well and make so many memories with and then I have to leave, not knowing how many of these people I'll ever see again. I'm definitely getting good at new beginnings and making the most of it though. So as a district we made saramale and mamaliga. The saramale takes about 3 hours to cook, so we put it on the stove and then I went upstairs and taught all the Elders here all that I know about MLS, finances, the quirky ins and outs of Romanian documentation, and wished them luck.

My week's been really good here! 
My district's sick right now and we have a decent amount of Harry Potter nerds. Thursday happened to be Harry Potter's birthday and we went all out; it felt like Christmas again. The zone leaders were in town for district meeting (Elder H and Elder M), they're super cool and we had a load of fun. The sisters dressed up like Hogwarts school girls, carved wands for everyone, then made a cake like Hagrid's in the first book. I'll send pics! 

So, where am I going?? I'll be heading for a city called Bacau (B-ah-k-uh-o). It's still in Moldova, like Galati (region, not country) but it's way north with mountains and really old buildings. It's been a struggling branch there for a long time. Elder O (my new companion) is the Branch President right now.

Elder O is pretty cool. He was the office elder right before me and then moved into the same apartment as me for a transfer when Aviatiei was just becoming a district, if you remember any of that from this time last year. I'll be the DL there which will be weird.

That's about it as far as my week goes, I'll try to get some pictures to you guys soon.

I'm dying to hear where Caleb's going!  Being my last chance to guess- My top three guesses outside of the states:
Africa, England, Moldova
Ohio, Florida, California 

Dang I'm excited!

Love you lots!

Elder Collison

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