Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week Five! (Last week in the United States!)


Last p-day in the MTC! Seriously time has flown by waaay too fast. I'm finally loving it here and now that I'm down to four days I'm almost wishing for more! The people here are amazing, I'm going to have a hard time saying goodbye. Don't worry about sending any packages. I had no idea it was that expensive, that's really disappointing. But I've felt bad enough for all you had to spend to have packages sent here, I definitely wouldn't ask you to spend seventy bucks because I'm impatient for the best cookies in the world.
My flight plans have changed! I'm now leaving Monday, reporting to the travel office at 7:30 then my flight leaves at 11. I'll be flying straight from SL to Amsterdam, which I've heard is a 15 hour flight, then from there straight to Bucharest (Don't remember how to spell that in english..?). I'll be arriving on 2pm on Tuesday. It's so crazy! I've never even left the country before, and now I'm jumping into what I feel is the extreme of extremes! I'm getting way excited though, I'm feeling confident and I think I'm ready for this adventure.
Oh my goodness, Congrats Stokers! I want pictures ASAP! please..? ;) Happy Birthday Caleb and Mini-stoker!
Oooh, what have I learned this week..? let me tell ya, since I got here I've tried cramming my mind with so much information that it truly feels burstable. This week especially! From all that I've learned, all that I know now is that I hardly know anything. About the Christ's Gospel, about the language I've been called to speak, about life in general. And it's these feelings of inadequacy and sometimes loneliness that have called me to humility, and I'm sure by my next email I'll be able to tell you that "last week was nOthing compared to what's expected of me now!" but I learned that that's how it's supposed to be. How am I supposed to establish a connection between my Heavenly Father and my investigators if I don't already have that link myself? I'm still working on it! I'm sure it'll take me the next two years + a lifetime before I figure it out, but it's definitely opened my mind for the trials to come.
I can't think of any necessities that I won't be able to find in the book store or in Romania, and now that I'm leaving monday I don't think you have time anyways..?
Ooh, one last thing. Because I'm flying over seas, I get to call home and talk with my momma! it'll probably be like a 5 minute conversation because the payphones are crazy expensive, but I'm so excited! So you all should come up with some questions, I'll do the same, we're going to have a happy conversation and none of us are going to cry!!
I've gotta go now, Hopefully I've answered all your questions and said everything that needs to be said before I'm outa the country for two years!
Love you all so much! Thanks for the quotes and advice Mom and Dad, I'm going to print off all your emails once I have access to a printer!
Thank you everyone for the letters! I can't tell you what they mean to me.

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