Thursday, April 11, 2013


Ah, I still feel bad! I've been playing it so safe and I feel so weak! yeah, what the ortho-dude was saying made it sound like it's just something I've always had and I'll have it until I get them stabilized, no fun! but on the plus side;  We get 50 minutes of gym time a day, and since I'm out sport-wise- i've been jogging 3 miles a day, with some biking and good stretch sessions. You're supposed to gain so much weight in the MTC because it's an all you can eat buffet, every day- and I've already lost seven pounds.. haha.
Oh boy, I'm trying to come up with some exciting stories for you guys, but it's really just all the same routine I've told you about. I am really starting to enjoy it. It is sO hard. but I'm learning so much and we're actually starting to have some fun. The language is coming along really well. I guess I won't really know how well I speak it until I head out there, but we know way more than what should be possible in three weeks.
Steven and Kate, I saw both of  them! I had no idea kate would be coming to this MTC, so when I ran into both of them in the cafeteria I nearly died. We got some pictures, but I'm on a computer that doesn't allow the upload so you'll have to wait!
Conference was awesome! Everyone for the last couple months has been telling me that once I was on a mission all the talks would sound to me as pure instruction for the mission, but looking back at my notes it looks like the only things I learned was what I wanted in my future family, how to find a wife, and how to prepare yourself for marriage. way funny for a guy so far away from that, but all the talks were centered around the family and I really enjoyed it. 
um, guess who came for our tuesday devo?? Gerald N. Lund, That's who! I haven't ever heard such simple and profound insights from a non-prophet. ever. I got so much about how God speaks to His children out of that.
I love you all so much! I'm already running out of time, but I'm going to reply to your letters today too.
Hopefully this makes sense! I've only been immersed in Romanian for 3 weeks and my brain's already starting to rewire my sentences to their backwardness.
Isaac! I'm so glad we're going to have baby rabbits to eat when I come home! keep them coming! haha
Matthew, I will eat the chocolate from you every single day in your honor, since you can't. 
and Gabriel; I love you! keep practicing the name, I'm getting tired of this 'Elder Collison' junk.. ;)
I'm out of time!
love you all so much! sorry this is scattered all over the place, I'll get to those letters soon.


  1. We asked if he'd seen his friends Steven and Kate there (among THOUSANDS of missionaries!) He was surprised to see Kate because we thought she was going to a missionary training center in Argentina. So glad he got to see them!
    So cool he got to hear from Gerald Lund! Love him!
    Also, I find it very funny that I thought all of the General Conference talks were geared to missionaries!
    We love our Andrew and thoroughly enjoy hearing from him!!

  2. Love hearing how the brain is being rewired in how he thinks, talks and writes, worrying about if it made sense to us reading his letter. What a testimony of being immersed in the Lord's work, in learning a new language. It would be so fun to hear him speak the language.

    I love the books that Gerald Lund would be amazing to hear him speak. Glad you got the chance Andrew to lisent to him.

    Enjoy each and every letter sent. Always look forward to Thursdays with the updates. Keep strong wonder you're losing All that running/biking!!!!!!!