Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 17!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
I loved your insights and thoughts about your scripture studies! I wrote them down so I could join in during my next study.  I'm already mentally commiting myself to read it EVERy single day when I get back. We need it because without the reminder from the book of Mormon we have absolutely nothing to back up our testimonies. I wish I had appreicated family scripture studies more while I had the chance!
Can you believe we get transfer boards on Friday?? Ive almost been in the country for 3 months! My training officially ends next week and I'm about to start running out of excuses for not knowing Romanian ;)
This week's been a mix of the good and the not so awesome. We had some awesome service oppurtunities and I loved being outside, chopping wood and digging; it felt like home. But it's just kinda weird cause we have NO-one to teach now. It's hard to go contacting for a week and not get a single person even remotely interested. All the numbers we got last week resulted in nothing.
I'm not really discouraged, it's just weird. It's sad to see how many people are unwilling to turn their lives around when the oppurtunity is presented. I guess that's their own problem though! all I've got to do is offer :)
Elder Montoya and I were on exchanges the other day (kinda interesting because we're both so young in the mission) we were heading to the city mall for some lunch and we decided to stop at the book fair to try and find the English-Romanian grammar book we'd been looking for. So we were the only ones under the canopy at the time, and I was walking down one of the aisles and I saw a guy crouching down pointing his big TV camera at me, and I made a face at it before I could stop myself. Then we were in the next aisle in the language section, and the Reporter (Reporteress..?) comes up from behind and starts interveiwing us. I buried my head in my book, and she turns to Elder Montoya and in Romanian she's like "do you like to read?" and he says "uhhhh.. I don't speak Romanian very well" and she's like, "doesn't matter!"and keeps asking him questions that he can't really come up with the answers for. Then she turns to me and asks if I speak any better and I was like "uhh, nope!" then they cut the camera and walked away kind of awkwardly. Super Funny, but that was one of those times when I have to curse my slow wits, because I was kicking myself later for not introducing "my favorite book"while on camera. how cool would that have been??
That's my week right there.. This week we're heading up to Bucharest for exchanges with the zone leaders, hopefully setting up a couple lessons, then contacting. Nothing too exciting :) Today is Elder Taylor's last P-day ever, so we're going to go to the mosque and around the city for a little photo-shoot kinda thing. oh, and paintballing last week? I Rocked! (of course) but it was awesome and I was totally in my zone and I cannot wait to fling some paint at you all once I'm back home ;)
So you know how baking is like, my one allowed solace so I've been doing that in most of my free time. and this week I've been experimenting with sourdough bread! (proud of me dad?) but that's been a lot of fun. I'm trying to make some kind of english muffin thing now.. wish me luck! I also made some plum suc! (Sook?) I guess it's like juice but different. suc is suc. and it's GOOD. ;)
Love you all so much! hope this next week is spectacular!
Elder Collison

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