Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 18!

Mom, Dad- Those pictures just made my life! seriously, the one where your faces are swapped just about killed me, I was at the point of a hiccup laugh, muffling my face in a place where you're supposed to be silent. not good! haha, and then the pictures of Gabe and manny were doing pushups were soo cute! thanks for sending those! and the picture of you two together is priceless, and you're both looking really good! 
Transfer Boards!!
I'm staying in Constanța! haha
Elder Cobabe is leaving to become a zone leader in iași, Elder Taylor is going HOME (watch for his friend request, will you?) Then Elder Montoya, Sora Rivera, and Sora Pilatis are all staying here. An Elder Ralph is going to finish Elder Montoya's training, and I'm receiving Elder Baieli! Oh I'm stoked.
Elder Baieli actually nașed me when I first got into the country. (Naș means godfather) Just a missionary term here, basically the guy you stay with the first night, then they take you out contacting the next day while you're waiting for your trainers to get to Bucharest.
Annd. He goes to BYU. In Idaho. He was there last fall. In ALPINE CHALET! how crazy is that?? he doesn't look familiar at all, but it's possible that we walked passed each other every single day. weird right? He's Italian but his English is really good and he's a way cool kid!
Ok, Elder Whitehead is AWESOME. That's so cool! and he's my zone leader now! I'll see him tomorrow for transfers, next week for zone training meeing, and then he'll be here for exchanges sometime later too. That is legit! 
I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Jean. I'm so glad you get to go out west though! now you get to experience all that I experienced and tried to tell you all about! I know that no matter what I say you'll still freak out, but flying is sooooo much safer than driving. as little as you trust even that.. haha. you'll love it though, just picture me next to you- laughing like a crazy man as the plane takes off ;)
Please tell everyone there that I love them! give out my hugs like candy!
This week's been really good. We went up for exchanges with the zone leaders and that took a big chunk of time. I love Buc and it's great to go up there, contact, and just experience a day of the buc life. I don't even know what to compare it too.. I guess evolution is the word I would use, fast paced, changing all the time, so many new ideas and things to do.. i like it ;)
Is it weird that your son has been on a mission longer than the missionaries in your area?? haha, that's weird to me at least. ;) Btw, as far as I've been able to find out so far- 3 transfers in and I'm still the youngest in the mission! haha
Please feed those guys! I haven't been fed once this transfer, I could use a lot of proxy meals..
Hopefully I have a nice long email for you next week with all the updates of transfers, sorry this week's kinda dry!
Love you both so much, thanks for the pics and the stories! Dad, have fun with work and the Fam. Mom, have fun with traveling and seeing MOre fam!
Elder Collison

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