Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 24!

So.. I'm starting my 4th transfer in Romania! weird, right? I was just assigned to Bucharest, Panduri- serving with an Elder Ealy. I've never met the guy, but he's really old in the mission and he actually got back from the states last transfer after having his shoulder operated on (Sora Hill said we had the same problem..?) But I've heard he's a pretty cool guy. K, here's the cool part. There have been rumors going around about opening up a Buc North branch for all the Americans here working for the Embassy and for all the English speakers. I get to open it! We're kinda opening up a new area so we're starting from scratch; no area book or anything. I don't have a whole lot of details yet but I'm pretty excited for the adventure.
The reason I wasn't able to email you is because I've been stuck in the apartment since Friday. We got a phone call saying that the proprietar wanted to install a water heater. Even the plumber said it would probably just take a day. all I know is that for the last 3 days we've had guys in our house, drilling through the cement and destroying our apartment. woohoo! So I've done a lot of studies, I've been all packed for the last few days, and I did a whole lot of rocking back in my chair staring at the ceiling yesterday. Our apartment was DeStroyed by dust! it was the nastiest thing. We had no idea what they were doing the first day, so we had tons of dishes drying and lots of food put away but unsealed. we just had to throw out all the food and rewash all the dishes. We woke up the last few mornings feeling like crap cause we're breathing in so much dust, it's just gross all together! 
So that's been really fun. 
Transfer Boards came out at 11 on Friday, but we weren't able to leave our apartment so we filled our own in by phone. Just a little depressing after so much anxiety and expectation ;)
Adventure for the week! 
We went out to a little village, in search of the last address Alin gave us. Super awesome village and it felt JUst like Reading. We even stepped into the "shariffs office" for some help and it was totally something you would see on the Andy Griffeth show. Everyone was super friendly there and were really willing to help. It turned out that the guy we were searching for had moved out of the country a while ago, but it was so relaxing walking down the dusty roads for hours looking for a street no one had ever heard of before. The big city kind of deal might be growing on me just a bit but I'll never get tired of the small town feel.

Elder Collison

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