Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 27

I actually am really enjoying Bucharest. There are so many beautiful parks and it's just an entirely different world all together. Since my last email I've also had the chance to contact in Parcul Tineretului and Cismigiu. Man, they're both just so beautiful. After you contact for a while and you finally break the barrier you just feel happy for no reason.  You can imagine my joy just walking around the gorgeous lake surrounded by willow trees and very European cobblestone bridges. Man. But I am having fun here. I really enjoy searching for less actives because it's really just a big investigation. You finally find the right block and then if no one's home you ask all the neighbors to start piecing the story together. So far everyone we've tried to visit has moved out of the country, but that means we can start cleaning up the huge inactive lists we have.
Last week was a pretty good one! I got to spend all of Saturday at the church and I got to hang with my bud Eugen! We had to practice for the puppet show (I guess I have to explain that.. Something they're trying here is a little puppet show. Just little skits on sanitation, dangers of alcohol and smoking- that kinda thing. The set belongs to the church, and they already have recordings of the skits, so we just have to sit behind the stage and move the mouths and hands. it's kinda cool!) So we practiced for that, then we taught English (which turned out to be really fun.) We basically just translated songs and we have a pretty cool group.) We were going to have sports night just three hours later, so we grabbed some lunch, and then weekly planned at the church. We had sports night at 4 and I got to play some American football for the first time in forever!
I'm so excited for general conference too! I have no idea how it's going to work out here. I would have to stay up all night to watch it live. Most likely I'll just watch it at a member's house or get permission to go to an internet cafe.
My shoulders are actually doing great! I haven't had a problem since I've been here in Buc. I've started working out my upper body again and it's killing me how weak I am!
I love you!
Elder Collison

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