Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week Eight Continues :)

I finally have time to write you back! Sorry it's been so crazy! I was actually kind of surprised today when we got to the library and the internet actually worked. So! I'm trying to think of everything you don't know yet, I guess I'll just tell you about the last couple days. Yesterday was forte tare. The last couple weeks have been spent 'english contacting', looking for students and that's about it. Other than that we haven't found anyone interested in our message. We had our first english class last night, and over 30 people came! We had some nice 'get to know you' activities and taught everyone how to introduce themselves in English. Out of those students, we have 10 people so far who are interested in hearing more about our church. So who knows what this will lead to, but it's really cool to finally see rising results. 

Yesterday also happened to exchange day with the Zone leaders, so I spent the day proselyting with an Elder Slemboski. He's a way cool guy, and you can have a lot of fun out here when the only people who'll talk to you are the mega-crazies, and we go a lot of those yesterday. We met up with the other ConstanČ›a missionaries at a place called Genessis and we ate some burgers that tasted way too legit even by American standard. The Elder I was with didn't have an abonament for the buses, so after we ate (waaay on the other side of town) I had to find my way back to my apartment in the middle of a rain storm. It only took us an hour and a half and I only got lost 7 times! haha, good times though- It was a nice adventure. Ooh, what adventures haven't I told you about yet.. The members here are amazing. Seriously, If I can be half as strong as some of them by the end of my mission- I'll be a happy guy. Sora Mihaiela (not sure if that's the way she spells it or not) Came to the church and made breakfast for the sisters and us this morning. On Monday we were invited for breakfast with the branch president and his family. I hadn't expected to eat well at all here in Romania, but they saw to it that I stuffed myself with pancakes coated in nutella with vanilla ice cream. is that cruel to say while you're still on a chocolate fast?? haha, but it was soo good. 

I actually really like the food here. It's so simple but usually tastes really good. I've already got recipes so that you all can have the romanian-experience. I'm able to communicate very little. It's finally starting to make a little sense, like when someone is talking to my companion, I can usually pick out enough words to figure our what's going on. But as soon as they turn to me it all turns to gibberish. My ability to reply doesn't really exist yet. I know a lot of vocab, but the sentence structure is really odd, and there are so many things in Romanian grammar that just don't exist in English. anyways, I'm having fun with it and I'm trying my best!
I'm going to send this now so that I can start uploading pictures, but I'll try and think of more adventures as I reply to other people.

Love you so much! 

Elder COllison and his trainer Elder CObabe!

(We have no idea what this is a picture of :))

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