Monday, May 27, 2013

Week Ten!!

Hello My family!

Minunat week! Today marks the end of my first month in the country. My first transfer is already drawing to a close! I had some pretty great adventures this last week. Down past Centru towards Mamaia (I'm not sure about the spelling..) there's a building called the Cazino. You should google it and check it out. Anyways, it's this really old run down building on a peer overlooking the black sea. It's closed off to the public, but every once in a while they'll open it up in the summer and charge tourists hundreds of dollars to come in, and even more if you want to take pictures. weeell. Elder Cobabe and I were going to teach a man who said he worked down by the Cazino, and we were told to meet him there. What we didn't know was that he happens to be head of security of the actual building. We got there and started looking around, and he opened the door and beckoned us in. We taught a lesson in one of the back rooms of the Cazino! After that he totally gave us a free tour, took tons of pictures with and of us. So, I don't even know how to describe the building because I don't know exactly what it was used for. Just like all the building here, it's made completely of concrete. but in the concrete there are really ornate carvings, and the whole building just looks like a huge castle; with huge stair cases and theaters and bars. It's super run down and it's full of pigeons, but it was way awesome. 
Adventure number two. Apparently Romania is big on flash floods! We were at a member's house, helping him prepare some thoughts and a scripture for a contacting activity we were doing with the branch, and it started pouring. 20 minutes later, we were trying to make it home in ankle deep water, trying to avoid all the streets that were knee deep! it was way intense. I don't think they see this all that often- there were cars stalled up and down the streets, a lot of accidents, it was pretty cool. That also happened to be the day president and sister Hill came down for interviews, so we went home and demudded, got dry and changed and went up to the Vila where they hold church. I absolutely love the Hills! Even if my entire mission goes by "unsuccessfully" I'll be able to go home knowing that I served this mission just so that I could have them as my mission president and wife.
On a sad note: My family inspired me to do my own sugar fast, which I started last week and deeply regret now. Just 35 days left now! haha. I'm not really concerned about the health aspect of it, but I really wanted to see if I could do it after you guys told me all about it. A matter of spirit over body I guess. We'll see how long that lasts! I've fallen in love with Romanian and Turkish sweets and pastries, so I want to cry almost every time I walk by the bakeries.
It's been a way awesome week though! 

Elder Collison

Sunrise over the Black Sea :) 

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