Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 11!!!!

This is the last week of my first transfer! I'm just barely starting and I've already completed 1/8th of my mission! This last week has been really chill. A lot of it was spent just getting the Vilă all sorted and cleaned out and getting it ready to be used for church. The closets are packed with clothes and weird things missionaries bought and have left behind over the years.

It has been raining almost every day for the last week! I have no Idea how long my shoes are going to last, wading through puddles everywhere I go. I'm loving it though. I love the thunderstorms, and it definitely feels like home- and I can picture running around the grass after a day of gardening.

ooh.. funny stories of the week.. welp. I was contacting in the park with a member, we were just walking around trying to talk to people. No one wanted to stop, so I just decided to hand out some English cards to people already sitting (a little less weird than trying to preach in a place that's almost strictly orthodox) So I walked up to two girls just sitting on a bridge, trying to be smooth, and in very broken romanian, basically said "Yo! what's up? I can teach you a thing or two about Romanian, if you want" They had me repeat myself several times before I realized that they were being invited to a Romanian class that didn't exist, by a person who very obviously spoke near no Romanian. Kinda funny, I can make people laugh without even trying! ...

We had a lot of fun last night. Missionaries here aren't fed by members very often, but there's a Sora Mihaela here that has already made us three meals! We went there last night to kinda show them how to run an FHE, and she makes tHe best traditional Romanian food. we had Mamăligă cu Brânză de oaia. (Sheep cheese) mamaliga is a staple here. it's just cornmeal boiled in water and either salted or sugared, usually eaten with cheese. It's really similar to cream of wheat and I have it almost every day. Then we just had cucumbers and potatoes seasoned with dill, (EvErything is seasoned with dill here). Then for dessert we had Clitită, basically like a corn based pancake with jelly or honey in the middle, then we passed around a jar of honey and ate it with spoons. I am going to make you all so much Romanian food when I come home, it's good stuff.

Not much else to report! It's been a really laid back week, and by my next email I'll have all the transfer updates! Constanța is getting another set of elders and we're getting 13 new missionaries this transfer (That's a big deal here, I think we have less than 70 missionaries right now.) The language is coming along! I still don't understand most of what's being said yet, but I'm improving fast enough to be able to recognize my increase. I've been reading out of Cartea lui Mormon every free moment I have. I'm determined to at least have decent pronunciation and reading skills, that way if I never become fluent, I'll at least be able to pretend every once in a while.

I think that's it for this week! Love you all!

This is me and my mink. bein' gangster (cause that's what minks do!) at sora mihaela's house. gotta go! love ya.

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