Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 12!!

Here ends my first transfer! Transfer boards just came out on Friday, and I get to stay another transfer in Constanța! So far it's been a "dating district with parental supervision", meaning we've had a set of elders, a set of sisters, and a senior couple. We just found out that the Powels are moving to Brașov :'( , and we're getting another set of Elders here. It's now a 6 man city! Elder Cobabe and I are still companions, so he gets to finish training me. ooh.. I don't really know what else to report.. It's been a really good week though! 
I've got to give a talk in church this month. 10 minutes in Romanian! The thing is, I only know 5 minutes worth of words, so I'm planning on just spouting off every word I know and then I'll start over.  
We don't really have much planned for this next week. Tomorrow we're heading up to București to pick up my visa, get back Wednesday night, and then the rest of the week will be devoted to getting the new elders situated and Contacting for English. They're living with us until they can find a place so let's hope they're cool!

Love you all!

"This is the coast I run on. We live just past that farthest ridge, and it is a beautiful run" 

"That's overlooking a small part of Centru"

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