Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 14!!

Mom and Dad!

Dang I'm sad I didn't get to see Aunt Amanda and her kids.. you told I love 'em, right?? Do Jonah and Evie remember when I visited them? That sounds like a nice service. I don't think it'll feel real until I'm home and see the void. I think I know what cemetery you're talking about, it's really heavily wooded and lovely? I've seen some AWesome ones out here. like, cemeteries that are thousands of years old and really beautiful. But apparently I'm creepy for liking that kinda thing so I haven't been able to explore any. 

That's way cool about the missionary announcement! I think Romania could benefit the most from that kinda thing, but we're seriously like the most forgotten mission in the world, so it's probably not going to happen here. haha, but everything they announced is what I've been saying since i got in the field. I'm kinda surprised but I think it's such a good plan!

Thank you so much! I really liked those quotes, and I really liked those insights about Christ dad. I learned some really cool things this week, actually specifically from the Romanian translations of the book of mormon, that shed better light on some subjects than what english can do. But I think I'll make you wait for those.. ;)

One of the Romanian Dishes I cook the most is mamaliga. because it's dirt cheap. it's seriously just boiled cornmeal, but I can make a really good dish with it, just by adding eggs sugar and a little bit of cocoa.
Tastes like brownie batter, it's actually really good for you, and it costs a couple cents! my favorite Romanian dish is probably saramali. it's just pork seasoned really uniquely wrapped in cabbage or grape leaves. it's reAlly good and i've got a recipe! I think I'm a bigger fan of turkish food though. Constanta was part of the ottaman empire for a long time so there are a lot of turks here, and they make the best danishes, sandwiches and wraps- that kind of thing.

Elder Cobabe and I are getting along pretty good. to be honest- I think we'll be really good friends later on in the mission, but things are a tad shaky right now just because of the whole training thing. I want a good teacher and a patient person, he wants a perfect missionary fluent in the language to keep him motivated. So it's a little weird, but he's a good person and I really like the guy. And yes, I've been able to cook him meals, and do the dishes and serve him in different ways. I'm trying! 

This week I've seen some big changes in my desires. Like, I kinda decided to just drop everything and try to love contacting. I'm actually really starting to like english contacting. It's a good time to practice the language, and I've met a lot of cool people from it. there's also a lot less pressure than gospel contacting and this is were we find all our investigators. our next english session starts tomorrow, and we've got some pretty good expectations. we've perfected the recipe for a perfect english class here and Cobabe and i have had to present at the last two zone training meetings because of that. But it's getting easier, that's all i'm trying to say. last week was kind of a down email, but as I'm really putting an effort in to overcome my fears I'm really wanting to be on a mission, weird- right?

I got to speak in church yesterday! That was fun.. I taught about how the book of mormon answers questions to the soul and it was a lot of fun to study up on. I got up there and talked for 15 minutes in a language I didn't know existed 5 months ago. pretty cool, right? I was even told that my Romanian was understandable! haha. but it's cool to hit marks like that and see how far I've come. I'm almost done with the book of jacob now (I also read mosiah before starting 1 nephi) so, I've been reading a lot of that aloud and that's really been helping.

Right now I'm at the place I skyped yall at! There's some holiday or something today, Isaac's birthday i guess. So the libraries closed so I find myself again surrounded by romanian gamers. different than american gamers.

 Love ya both so much! have fun at camp dad! have fun with the girls mom! 

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