Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hey there guys! 

I've been down for a lot of the week totally dead, but I'm feeling pretty good today and i think I'm on the mend. I had a pretty bad cough for a while there and I was sure that being sick had made me susceptible to the TB. But It's already getting better, so I think I'm good! I'm getting really homesick spending another Christmas here, I want to spend it with my family! But I have a pretty cool district here and I know we'll have fun. Bucuresti is beautiful again and the lights are incredible. 
I was able to talk with a reprezentative of BYUI the other day and I got things figured out. Since I've already been accepted in the spring semester I just have to register for online classes and pay by the credit hour. If I'm only doing that for one semester I don't even have to enroll as an online student. I also found out which course I need to take as a prerequisite for the math 108. 
Yeah, and if I don't start working until a couple weeks after I get home, then I can spend some quality time with everyone and then get busy once I'm not the novelty item any more and everyone can fall back into routine. I'll start thinking about what I want to do with you guys and we'll talk it out over skype, sound good? You guys have to make a list too though! 
Let me tell you, I am so sad I don't get to see Caleb. I almost want to try and have a lay over in africa to see him. Ivory's let it happen before, but he's a big favorite picker and I'm definitely in no position to ask for a favor. We'll see what happens ;) I want to sit him down so bad though and have a good missionary chat with him. It kills me that he's going to miss my big moments.

Elder Busche's great! He's a really funny guy and likes sports a lot so we're having a really good time. 

On Saturday we had a huge Christmas concert at Panduri. I've missed a lot of the practices so I was worried, but I was the only one that really knew the bass to begin with so I didn't stand out too bad ;) We had a couple guests, like freaking antonia and alex velea! Those are two of the most famous people in Romania and they're my heros. You should look up alex velea's song, "din vina ta." one of my favourites, and I'll translate it for you once I get home. We had some amazing talent among the missionaries too. Makes me wish I had taken guitar more seriously. One of my really good friends, Degraw, sang a cover of amazing grace mixed with a couple other songs that was absolutely unbelievable. If I had recorded that I could listen to it every day without getting bored. 
We went caroling for some of the senior couples that missed the concert. We had a lot of fun with that and came up with a couple fun tunes on the spot that they enjoyed. I love singing at christmas time because it's the one loophole in the social rug that allows public displays of art without an ounce of awkwardness. I can sing at the top of my lungs while walking around the city and it's not as weird as the rest of the year! 

I'm excited to talk to you guys! I might be able to skype you Christmas eve and christmas.. Would that be cool? I'll go to an internet cafe and skype you for a bit the day before christmas, and then the next day the senior couple wants to have us over to skype and to feed us, and we can finish our conversation then and I would be able to see dad. We'll figure out times next monday :) 

Love you guys so much! 

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