Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

hey guys! I had a really good week, but now i'm thinking I'll wait until Wednesday so I have some fuel.. haha
To answer your questions though- I have been able to teach a couple lessons this week, but nothing really promising. We're working with one guy that wants to get baptized but I don't feel right about it. He's really nice but has got some serious problems and doesn't really grasp what we're trying to tell him. That's totally what I imagine I'd look like if someone asked me about the gospel.. haha, I was realizing the other day how little time I have left to learn Romanian. I was teaching a lesson and could see the drastic difference between when we switched from friendly conversation, to gospel. I've had so many chances to make friends out here and so few chances to teach lessons that I really suffer in that category. kinda sad...

Save some for me! I'm excited to chop wood in the spring. As far as cooking goes, I guess I've been experimenting a bit. My diet has consisted of hummus wraps on lipie (I usual put shredded carrots, tomatoes, and peppers on those) Dahl, which I think I told you about. It's an indian lentil porridge you put over rice. I absolutely love the stuff. I make a lot of curries too, but those are a little pricier so that happens more at the beginning of the month. I made some pretzel bites the other day. oh, and I also made up this grit and kiwi cake a couple days ago. I wasn't expecting much out of it but it turned out really good. have you been able to experiment with anything lately? 

Sorry you guys are sick, especially at Christmas! dang.. 

haha, Isaac's back.. Sorry kid! looks like you'll have to keep him in a salt mine. 

Talk to you guys soon! Sorry this email's a little rushed, I've been trying to write something for caleb this whole time and now I'm trying to speed through things. 

Love you!  

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