Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hey everybody! I've had a really good couple days here. Elder D, the humanitarian service dude has hooked us up with a couple gigs this week. We spent all of Thursday carrying all the furniture from the old office, and taking it to an organization for cancer patients we donated it to. I split a taxi with the head lady of the organization while the other guys rode in the moving truck. She was this 70 old lady and super wise. She loved that I had the desire to help people as a doctor and she got me really excited to save lives. On Wednesday we went to an organization that takes in new mothers in need of support, and we put together a couple bookshelves and tables that the church had provided. The sun came back out this week, and that along with the service opportunities I'd been waiting for were a really happy combination. We spent a lot of time in the parks this week and it's really starting to warm up here.

Love you guys so much! Thanks for the updates. It feels weird emailing as my going home date approaches, but in that sense I'm really glad Caleb's just starting, so I can continue to get all the updates like I just left ;)  I'm so excited to see you all!

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