Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey my family! I've had a really laid back week here. We had a couple potential investigators I was hoping to meet up with, but nobody returned my calls. We met a really cool guy on Saturday though that we were able to have a lesson with. We spent all of our time this week advertising for English classes. Last transfer we didn't have a single student in our advanced class, and i really want to have a good last class. We put up posters all around the city and I've been handing out cards like a mad man. It's weird, I wouldn't say I'm any less ready to come home, but starting my last month I'm realizing I'm starting the checklist of final things. There's still so much here I've got to do! 
I'll be honest, I haven't taken many pictures recently. It's hard being in a big district because we don't share every adventure together so i can't lean on their photography skills. 
That's funny you guys are back on the sugar fast, I just started one yesterday. Ok, mine is more shed-this-stupid-winter-chub-so-I-can-start-fresh-when-I-get-home, but yeah, fast sounds better than diet. I've been eating super healthy and feeling good, but I've gotten in the habit of baking something big any time I get a hankering for sugar and I can't stand to see this dough cover abs I worked so hard for. Do you want to run a race this spring, dad? I know we'll both be busy, but I was thinking it'd be cool to train together for a half marathon or somthing. 

I don't know what else to really say. I think these next couple weeks are going to look pretty much the same, and every email will be just as boring, talking progressively more and more about home until i get there ;) 
I'm so excited to see you guys! 2 years ago, this one month before the mtc hardly existed. lets see if it goes just as fast from the other end. 

I love you guys!

Elder Collison

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