Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey guys!

This is it, I'm starting my week of lasts.. My last Sunday, my last metrou rides, my last covrig.. It feels really weird! I've had a really productive week. We met some cool people and set up for a lot of lessons. We waited at the church for a lot of the week, but as usual, nobody showed up. I'm just trying to work hard in this last week so I can go home feeling good. We had zone conference on Thursday and at the very end we had a guest speaker from the british parliment and he had a lot of good stuff to say. 

I'm stoked out of my mind AND sentimental about coming home. I love romania so much. I love the people and the culture and everything about this place. I love speaking romanian.

Meh, I'm pretty much out of stuff to say, I'll just tell you in person next week! I am so excited guys, I cannot wait to see you all!

Love you so much


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  1. Congratulations, Elder Collison, on the completion of your mission! You have an awesome heart for people. I believe you will continue to touch and change people's lives.